I have been truly blessed to know Michelle for many years. She has guided and supported me on my life’s journey with physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual healing. She is gifted, knowledgeable, intuitive and supportive. Because of her healing my life has been immensely enriched. I believe anyone undergoing her treatments will benefit on many levels.

Helen Pickering

I was tired and cranky for years. I struggled with depression, developed a gluten intolerance and slept all the time. I was disenchanted with conventional doctoring focussed on cures but not cause. So I went to Michelle. We’ll blow me away with a feather- now I feel perky every day all day. I’m able to eat moderate amounts of bread again ( peanut butter sandwiches- oh yeah!) and I get up at an ungodly hour to do boot camp exercise. I did ERT with Michelle and my life changed. I cannot thank her enough for the weird and wonderful healing I have experienced after so many years of despair. NOW is the time!