Skin Soul & Self Ritual

The Skin Soul & Self Ritual is an acupressure facial therapy that connects (with deep intention) to activate Energy Alignment Points on the face and head. Initially they clear held or blocked emotions and tension from tissues of the face, reprogramming emotional responses to trauma and anxiety that may be held in the cells. This process provides deep relaxation and induces the deep release of anxiety and stress and the balancing of emotions within the face and throughout
the Being.

The Skin Soul & Self Ritual offers a unique approach to wellbeing through a technique that brings about the integration of the entire being and acts both physically and energetically. Recipients experience a sense of rebalance and renewal of the skin and self, which is reflected within their countenance

The individual is taken on a journey,
introduced energetically,
nurtured and nourished physically
and affected soulfully.

By utilising Skin Soul & Self Ritual Oil and the Skin Soul & Self Ritual Wand the effects on the skin and senses are unsurpassed. The Skin Soul & Self Ritual takes approximately 60 minutes and
includes a neck and shoulder massage.

The Skin Soul & Self Ritual Package is available for purchase and is recommended for those committed to the culture of self-nurture through a daily ritual. It has been proven to assist with stress release, headaches, insomnia and more. It comes with a visual guide to specific acupressure points.

The skin soul & self ritual was amazing. I felt so relaxed and taken away to another place! In this treatment all of Michelle‘s training and experience with physical and spiritual methods for relief of stress come together in a unique and powerful way. I look forward to the next one…


Price: $150