Energy Clearing Places & People

This clearing work is like getting a ‘new lease on life’ for your home/ business—and for you

The vibratory energy of your home, apartment or business affects you every single day and accumulates, year by year. The overall energetic imprint is held within the structure of a space and may attach itself to objects and people as can the energy of people entering the space leave an imprint.

The building structure, the land and the energetic space contain information about every single situation and event that has happened there.

Events that overcharge the space emotionally can include prolonged illness, separation, legal problems, depression, divorce, death, physical, mental or emotional abuse, accidents, and drug or alcohol usage – to name a few.

There is energy that runs in the land, even in the underground water that flows within or around the land. Sometimes there are debilitating effects related to geological issues in and around buildings. This can create energetic obstructions which
may contribute to the business and people therein affecting their health and can also affect the long term Health & Wellbeing

I work with spaces to clear long-held accumulated and stagnant energy and also clear anything that doesn’t align with the highest intention for the space and the people therein.

Price: Starting from $315