Emotional Repolarization Technique

ERT is an effective method of identifying and clearing blockages and interference associated with negative and/or traumatic emotional responses.

ERT can restore emotional and psychological energy and balance in regards to Love, Health, Worth,Wealth, Personal and Professional growth and more.

Consciously or unconsciously negative thought patterns may become locked in our biofield and may play out in your life as emotional, psychological or physical imbalances and may suppress the body’s immune system and impede healing.

The emotional Trauma can be released and depolarised in just 21 days of consecutive therapy taking only a few minutes per day in the comfort of your own home.

Every emotional stressor and trauma will impact the physical body. When ERT uncovers emotional experiences and memories from deep subconscious and unconscious layers, physiological reactions are also uncovered. The emotional components of imbalance and lack of health are directly related to the organ and gland systems of the body and any physical imbalances, infections, diseases, and weaknesses. Therefore, when we uncover, release, and heal emotional components of illness and imbalance, the reflex patterns and correlation to physical illnesses and imbalances can and will also become unsedated, opened, and welcoming of restoring balance, clearing infections and diseases, and ultimately healing and curing the WHOLE body.

Advanced ERT

In Emotional Repolarization Technique we are able to connect to the body’s Limbic System.

Limbic System (Our emotional Nervous System)

Set of structures in the brain that deal with emotions and memory
Regulates the autonomic or endocrine function in response to emotional stimuli and involved in reinforcing behaviour.
Limbic-emotional complexes (LEC’s) prevent the body’s bio-field from returning to its normal healthy rhythm. In practice, we use QRA to identify the physiological reaction the client has to memories from the past. Once these thought patterns and sometimes their cause are identified, we use a highly specialized reintegration process to clear the emotion or emotions, which is acting as an interference field to the bio-field.

This allows the body to re-balance to a normal physical and emotional state.

Immune System

With ERT we can identify and eliminate stored emotional embeds which may be suppressing the body’s immune system
Using this technique a form of biofeedback or brain training you can retrain the muscle and cellular memory to release the negative association, thought process or blockage that may be impeding Healing and Recovery.

Testimonial…ERT & QRA

I was tired and cranky for years. I struggled with depression, developed a gluten intolerance and slept all the time. I was disenchanted with conventional doctoring focussed on cures but not cause. So I went to Michelle. We’ll blow me away with a feather- now I feel perky every day all day. I’m able to eat moderate amounts of bread again ( peanut butter sandwiches- oh yeah!) and I get up at an ungodly hour to do boot camp exercise. I did ERT with Michelle and my life changed. I cannot thank her enough for the weird and wonderful healing I have experienced after so many years of despair. NOW is the time!

Price: Starting from $190