Akashic Record Readings

Working with our Akashic Records creates a high vibrational field around you which is profoundly healing and a magical space for manifestation and transformation where we are able to

  • Connect to your Soul Self and past life self
  • Address patterns, fears and behaviour patterns of your Self and assist in healing these
  • Access your blueprint for physical healing on a Soul Level
  • Activate your Love of self on a Soul Level
  • Access your Souls gifts, talents and abilities that may be latent and bring them into the present

Unlock your quantum potential by healing of the following:

  • Healing family patterns, blocks and patterns
  • Manifesting & Personal Transformation
  • Releasing limitations, fears, beliefs that may be affecting
  • Pattern and habit shifting
  • Releasing past life trauma

Together, we can identify the imbalances, the age or event when it was trapped, and release it forever.

Price: $190