About Skin Soul & Self

Health & True Harmony of your Skin Soul & Self



I work physically & energetically with people to identify and

resolve key imbalances that are affecting their lives on many levels

so they can experience true alignment in Health & Wellbeing.


How I Work:

By working with each individual’s unique identity, Michelle can identify

the factors and stressors that are contributing to misalignment both

physically, emotionally and energetically which affect many parts of life.


Michelle uses preventative and corrective therapies to initiate healing and to

facilitate the ultimate restoration of health and wellbeing for your skin,

soul and self.


These processes include testing the physical body and are excellent

for people in all states of wellbeing and at all ages to gain insight into

their current state of wellness.


What we will do together:

By identifying physical blockages & mental and emotional concepts that may be a

barrier for health and wellbeing, Michelle creates deep healing

pathways for people who are suffering with grief, stress, anxiety, ill health,

energetic misalignment, depression, food intolerances, addiction, and




Michelle Kietzmann


Let the journey begin..The journey back to you, your truth your essence your blueprint of Health, Healing & Happiness 


Utilising a range of modalities Michelle can test and assess

  •  Body Organs & Systems
  • Immune & Digestive Stressors
  • Incompatible Nutrients, Foods and Supplements and product biocompatibility
  • Herbs and Nutrients that may be required by the body for optimal functioning
  • Physical or Energetic trauma that may be affecting optimal Wellbeing
  •  ERT to address emotional  Grief/ Trauma or negative mental/emotional concepts that may be a barrier to healing



Book Now – Health & Wellbeing CONSULTATION VIA SKYPE, ZOOM & PHONE

Consult with us from the comfort of your own home.

A Health & Wellbeing Consultation is an investment with the best
return possible – a return to Health & Wellbeing

Michelle uses therapeutic components of food, the highest quality supplements and nutraceuticals and the ability to tune into your energies at a distance plus unwavering support to assist you. Whether it’s to return to health & wellbeing, restore imbalance or address emotional issues affecting your life

What to expect during an Initial Consultation ($190+)

A thorough analysis of your body systems, lifestyle, diet and, history while also considering any health concerns or goals you wish to achieve. With consideration of your specific health needs, a nutritional prescription and Protocol will then be composed. This is your fully customised individual treatment guide that will help you reach your ideal health and wellbeing outcome.


Any necessary Quantum Reflex Analysis, ERT, nutritional or functional tests require a one on one session

Follow Up Consultation ($150+)

Follow up consultations are so important to ensure you stay on the track, and that you’re starting to see the amazing results you want. This is a great way to fast track you towards greater energy, motivation and a healthier body and mind.

Book Now 30-minute Quick Consult ($100)

This one is for you if you need health help fast. Ideal for acute conditions like colds and flus, short term stress, shock,trauma, grief, allergies or sleep problems. Michelle can give a quick, personalised nutritional treatment plan and prescription to point you in the right direction.

Let’s do it!

Customer Testimonials

I have been truly blessed to know Michelle for many years. She has guided and supported me on my life’s journey with physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual healing. She is gifted, knowledgeable, intuitive and supportive. Because of her healing my life has been immensely enriched. I believe anyone undergoing her treatments will benefit on many levels.

Helen Pickering